Upload images by email

Instead of having to log in to the website admin area, all you need to do is attach the picture to an email.

All form2web sites have a unique email address that can be used for uploading images. It is usually in the form of images@yourdomain.com.

When composing the email, enter the image folder name in the Subject box, add the attachment and send to the email address.

To avoid any abuse of this feature, only emails sent from your registered address will get processed. The others will be ignored.

If the image folder has the thumbnail sizes set then images will be resized too.

Another bonus is that if the folder images are set to be displayed in the gallery then the pictures will instantly appear on the site.

Finally, you are not limited to attaching a single image - multiple files can be processed from the same email - but remember to keep the images as small as possible if sending several at once.

Bookings for the Jubilee Hall have increased by a huge amount since the website was launched.

One of our clients said it was the best booking system they'd seen.

Roger Stokes