Update to email image upload

We recently added a facility to upload an image to your website by attaching it to an email and sending it to a custom email address.More >

Upload images by email

If you have just taken a picture on your phone or mobile device you can instantly upload it to a photo gallery on your website by sending an email.More >

New SEO features

The main pages list now has a Google search results style which shows the page title and description without having to load the page details. More >

An auto-archiving system

You can now set up lists so that items can be automatically archived. More >

Intelligent Image Sizing

form2web has now got smart resizing for images. Following feedback from users we've decided to remove the need to have to enter the size for thumbnail versions of new images. Instead the CMS does it for you depending on where you are adding the image.More >

Google Font Directory

Group Templates

Image Galleries made simple