Update to email image upload

In the original version, the image captions would be taken from the filename of the image. Underscores would be replaced by spaces so for example my_photo.jpg would be given the caption My Photo

That all worked fine but many users said that in order to give meaningful names to their images they had first to change the filename of the photo from the one that was generated for it before attaching to the email.

This is an unnecessary step and we felt that as the email body was not used at all (you only have to specify a folder name in the subject line and attach your photos), the captions could be written in here.

So now, as long as the captions are on the first line of the email itself, these will be used for the uploaded photos in place of the filenames.

If you are uploading more than one photo then the captions can just be separated by a semi colon (;) as with multiple attachments or email addresses.

For example if you are uploading two images and the first line of the email message contains My Photo 1;My Photo 2 then the caption for the first would be My Photo 1 and that for the second My Photo 2.

Note that if there is nothing on the first line of the message then the captions will be taken from the filenames as before. Also if you are uploading two photos and you only put one caption in the message then the second caption will be taken from the second filename.

All our franchisees now have an easy way of keeping their local websites up to date.

With the ability to manage multiple sites we can also log in to each site to help out from time to time.

Russell Bennett