Intelligent Image Sizing

When an image is uploaded through the WYSIWYG editor you no longer have to specify sizes for the thumbnail versions.

This option has been removed from the upload form but the option to add to a folder has been added.

When an image folder is created in the CMS the maximum width and / or height for thumbnail images can be set for that folder and any image added to it will automatically be resized.

Now though, a maximum width and height can be set for any section on any page of the site. So for example on a page with a narrow left column and larger right column you can set the maximum image widths for each. Any images added to these sections will automatically be resized so that they don't break the layout.

So, when an image is uploaded through the WYSIWYG editor, the process for determining thumbnail size is as follows.

  • If the section that is being edited has a maximum size set for width and / or height then these are used to determine the size of the smaller version of the image.
  • If the section has no maximum sizes declared then if the image is being uploaded to a folder the maximum width and height for the chosen folder are used.
  • If there are no maximums for the folder or the images are added to a new folder then the defaults for the site itself are used.
  • If using any of the above three options there are still no maximums to work with then the image is not resized.

It should be noted though that the site should be set up to at least have default sizes for the whole site.

So now it should be easier than ever to add photos to your site.

All our franchisees now have an easy way of keeping their local websites up to date.

With the ability to manage multiple sites we can also log in to each site to help out from time to time.

Russell Bennett