An auto-archiving system

For example, suppose you have a list of news on the home page of your website.

As news items are added the page starts to get very long. The ideal solution is to move items onto another page once they have been on the home page for a while.

Prior to the latest release of form2web, you could set the displayTo date so that at that date the item was no longer displayed in the list.

However, to add these items to another page would have meant having to add them again to another list.

Now though, a specific content type (for example -News) can be set up to auto-archive to another content type (for example - News Archive).

All that needs doing is for each item to have the displayTo date set. Then a script runs daily to move any item where the displayTo date has been reached to the new content type associated with that list.

The CMS system has been updated to display 'archive' items where the displayTo date has been reached - for example if the items are Event content types which use the displayTo date to show the events in order.

Bookings for the Jubilee Hall have increased by a huge amount since the website was launched.

One of our clients said it was the best booking system they'd seen.

Roger Stokes